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[. . . ] €  Check the appliance’s power cord regularly to make sure it is not damaged. €  Certain parts of the appliance can become hot; do not touch them, as you could burn yourself. €  The appliance needs space to allow heat to escape, thereby avoiding the risk of fire. Make sure that the appliance has sufficient space around it, and does not come in contact with flammable materials. [. . . ] Because of the intensiv heat you can select a temperature of 20 °C lower then indicated in the conventional recepy. The hot air system is highly suitable for baking cakes, cookies and apple tarts. You can bake on multiple levels simultaneously if desired, in which case the tins should be aligned directly under one another.  Clean all the accessories to remove any residue that may be left from the manufacturing process (see “Cleaning and maintenance”).  Turn on the top and bottom heating elements for 15 minutes at the highest Temperature with the door open. Instruction manual Baking sheets with cookies should be positioned on the second and third levels. Off Top heat / Bottom heat / Hot air circulation Top heat / Hot air circulation Top heat / Bottom heat Top heat / draaispit Top heat / Bottom heat / Hot air circulation / Rotating spit 6g f5 Operation - Preheating It is not necessary to preheat the oven. In certain cases, however, you may achieve a better result if the oven is preheated, for example, for meat that must be cooked medium rare or when baking a cake. Potato Dish Oven Fries Chicken Pizza (ready-to-eat) Pizza (with homemade dough) Pasties Apple pie Cake Cookies English Scale or grid at height b Scale height b On a scale height Rotisserie chicken Grid at height b Scale height b Scale height a Grid at height b Grid at height a or b Scale height b 220 degrees 200 degrees 200 degrees 230 degrees 200 degrees 200 degrees 230 degrees 200 degrees 170 degrees Top/bottom Top/bottom Top Top/bottom Bottom Top Top/bottom Top Top 30 min 10 min 60 min 7 min 20 min 40 min 25 min 40 min 20 min Some baking times for the most common baking dishes. Please note that these times are approximations and may vary depending on quantity, quality and personal preference. If baking instructions are noted on the food’s packaging we advise you to follow these in order to get the best results.  Place the baking tray (17) with the food at the desired height in the grooves in the oven. The oven will turn itself off automatically and a sound signal will be heard once the baking time has elapsed. Figure 2 Removing the baking tray 26 Instruction manual The On/Off indicator light will go out. f the food is ready but the baking time has not yet elapsed, you can turn off the oven by rotating the I function setting to . 13  Once you have finished, rotate the function setting to and remove the plug (3) from the plug socket. Operation - Grilling You can use the grill function to give fish, poultry and oven dishes a golden brown crust. The baking tray will collect any juice and fat whilst grilling and prevent the juice and fat from getting on the bottom heating element (19 a, b, c). Place the grille with the food in the middle or top grooves in the oven. Leave the oven door slightly open so as to allow the air to circulate. The oven will turn itself off automatically and a sound signal will be heard once the grilling time has elapsed. f the food is ready but the grilling time has not yet elapsed, you can turn off the grill by rotating the I function setting to . [. . . ] € Never immerse the appliance, the power cord or the plug in water or any other fluid. English The Environment •  Dispose of packaging material, such as plastic and boxes, in the appropriate waste containers. The importer can never be held responsible for any consequential loss or damage or any other consequences, resulting either directly or indirectly from the appliance supplied by the importer. n case of claims under guarantee you can contact your dealer where the appliance is purchased. [. . . ]


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