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[. . . ] € Do not attempt to attach any infant car seat to the stroller other than the Chicco KeyFit. Injury or death may result when attempting to use this stroller in conjunction with infant car seats from other manufacturers. € Before use, remove and dispose of all plastic bags and packaging materials and keep them out of reach of children. WARNING Failure to follow all warnings and instructions may result in serious injury or death. [. . . ] Pinch together the Waist Belt Forks to remove the Shoulder Harness Rings (8C). Lay the Seat Insert into the Seat bottom and thread the Harness Straps through the corresponding openings on the Seat Insert as shown. 9 8B 8C 18 19 How to Use the Safety Harness Cómo utilizar el cinturón de seguridad WARNING ADVERTENCIA How to Use the Safety Harness Cómo utilizar el cinturón de seguridad This stroller features three harness positions. Always use a harness position located ABOVE the child's shoulder line. If multiple harness positions are above the child's shoulder line, use the one closest to it. Slide the Crotch Pad onto the Crotch Strap and the Shoulder Pads (10B) onto the Shoulder Straps, as shown. First insert the ends of the waist belt through the Shoulder Harness Strap rings. Adjust the length of the Straps to fit the child's shoulders and body snugly. With the Push Handle in the Folded Position, slide the Push Handle out to the 1st position. Then squeeze the Gray Button to adjust the Push Handle to the 2nd and 3rd locking position. To attach the Canopy, insert the Canopy Tongue into the corresponding opening on the Seat Frame, as shown. Locate the Canopy Zipper and bring together the zipper edges on the Frame and Canopy. Pull the zipper up and around to the other side of the Canopy to close off the back edge, as shown (14B & 14C). To Extend the Canopy, flip out the Front Extension on the Canopy as shown. To remove the Canopy, locate the Release Button under the fabric, as shown. Insert the Bumper Bar Tongues into the corresponding openings on the Stroller frame. To release the Bumper Bar press in on the buttons located at the sides of the Bumper Bar, as shown (17B). 17B 26 27 How to Adjust the Backrest Cómo ajustar el respaldo How to Adjust the Footrest Cómo ajustar el apoyapiés 18 18. To recline the Backrest, squeeze the Backrest Clip and slide the Backrest Clip down. To adjust the height of the recline, slide the Backrest Clip up or down to the desired position. Press in on both Footrest Buttons and, at the same time, rotate the Footrest up or down to the desired position. 28 29 Using the Brakes Cómo utilizar los frenos WARNING ADVERTENCIA Front Wheel Swivel Lock Traba de la rueda delantera giratoria The stroller has front Swivel/Fixed wheels. [. . . ] Insert the Side Hub tubes into both Ends until the snap buttons click into place. Line up the Hubs on both sides of the KeyFit® Attachment to the Hub slots on the Stroller frame as shown. Make sure that the "KeyFit®" Logo on the adapter is at the FRONT of the stroller frame, away from the handle. Pull up on the KeyFit® Attachment to make sure the KeyFit® is securely attached to the Stroller Frame. [. . . ]


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