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[. . . ] €¢ The electrical plug must remain accessible after installation. • We don’t recommend a safety device of hobs. WARNING : Use only hob guards designed by the manufacturer of the cooking appliance or indicated by the manufacturer of the appliance in the instructions for use as suitable or hob guards incorporated in the appliance. €¢ WARNING : leaving a hob unattended when cooking with fat or oil can be dangerous and could cause a fire. [. . . ] If a flexible hose is used (as is the case of butane gas) then it must not be installed in a place where it may be in contact with a moving part of the kitchen unit or a location likely to get cluttered. No flexible hoses with a limited service life may be longer than 2 metres and must be accessible for inspection along their entire length. Whatever means of connection is chosen, make sure that it is gastight when installed, using soapywater. In France, you must use a hose or pipe stamped NF Gaz The gas connection must comply with the regulations in force in the country where it is installed. For your safety, you must choose only one of the following three connections: — Connection via a rigid copper pipe with mechanical screw connectors (½" gas standard). 2 - ELECTRICAL CONNECTION : The appliance must be plugged in using a standardized power cable with 3 conductors each 1. 5 mm² ( 1 ph + 1 N + ground) which must be connected to the 220-240V~ network by means of a standardized IEC 60083 power socket or a single-pole cut-off device in compliance with installation regulations. Cross section of the cable to be used 220-240 V˜ - 50 HZ gas and mixed Cable H05V2V2F - T90 Three conductors, one of which is an earth Cross section of 2 1 conductors in mm Fuse 10 A The protective conductor (green/yellow) is connected to the earth terminal on the hob and must also be connected to the installation's earth terminal . If the supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced by a cable or special set available from the manufacturer or its after-sales department. 24 •1 INSTALLATION 3 In an existing installation, a flexible hose fitted with jubilee clips C (meeting standard XP D 36-110) whose service life is limited to 5 years may be used. In this case an end connector must be used with a sealing washer A fitted between the end connector B and the elbow on the hob. You can purchase the end connector and the sealing washer from your after-sales department. 4 - CHANGING THE TYPE OF GAS : Your appliance is supplied ready for use with natural gas. The injectors required for adapting it to butane/propane can be found in the plastic bag containing this guide. Whenever you change the gas type, you must follow these steps in turn: - Change the gas connection, - Change the injectors, - Adjust the retarder on the taps. 1• To change the gas connection: - refer to the "Gas connection“ paragraph. 2 • Change the injectors, proceeding as follows: - Remove all the supports, burner caps and heads. - Unscrew the injectors B , in the bottom of each well, using the spanner provided A and remove them (1. - 1 Connection via a flexible metal hose (stainless steel) with screw connectors (meeting standard NF D 36121) ; the life of such hoses is not limited. - 2 Connection with a flexible reinforced rubber hose with mechanical screw connectors (meeting standard NF D 36-103) with a 10-year life. When connecting the gas to your hob, if you have to change the direction of the elbow fitted into the appliance: - change the seal. - tighten the nut on the elbow ensuring that you do not exceed a tightening torque of 17 N. [. . . ] Check that the burners and injectors underneath them, burner assemblies, etc. €¢ Press the knobs as far as they will go and maintain the pressure for several ❐ KNOBS BECOME HOT DURING COOKING • Use smaller pans on the burners close to the knobs. Recycle them and help to protect the environment by disposing of them in the council receptacles provided for this purpose. It is therefore marked with this logo to indicate that, in European Union countries, used appliances must not be mixed with other waste. [. . . ]


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