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[. . . ] Before using for the first time, operate the oven empty with the thermostat at maximum for at least 15 minutes to eliminate the “new” smell and any smoke caused by the presence of protective substances applied to the heating elements before transport. Never use corrosive or acid or aggressive detergent to clean the oven cavity or the accessories. 1 kg Functions GRILL FUNCTION ideal for grilling food TRADITIONAL OVEN FUNCTION ideal for all types of traditional cooking DEFROSTING FUNCTION ideal for defrosting all products (certain models only) CONVECTION ideal for quicker more even cooking (certain models only) KEEPING FOOD WARM Important!Failure to observe the warning could result in injury or damage to the appliance. [. . . ] Failure to observe the warning may result in life threatening injury by electric shock. The manufacturer declines all liability in the event that this important accident-prevention rule is not respected. € Do not let the power cable dangle and avoid touching hot parts of the oven. € If you intend to use an extension, make sure it is in good condition, that the plug is earthed and that the cross section of the wires is at least equal to that of the power cable provided with the appliance. 8 important safeguards en • • To avoid all risk of electric shock, never immerse the power cable, plug or appliance itself in water. € If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s customer services or a qualified electrician in order to eliminate all risk. For your personal safety, never take the appliance to pieces on your own. € • • The appliance complies with the following EU directives: Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and subsequent amendments; EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and subsequent amendments; Materials and accessories coming into contact with food conform to European regulation (EC) no. Disposal In compliance with European directive 2002/96/EC, the appliance must not be disposed of with household waste, but taken to an authorised waste separation and recycling centre. Materiały i wyposażenie przeznaczone do kontaktu z żywnością spełniają wymogi Rozporządzenia (WE) 42 • • • beskrivelse - sikkerhetsregler no Beskrivelse av apparat • A Øvre element B Innvendig lys (Kun på noen modeller) C Rist - (*) Kun på noen modeller D Langpanne (Kun på noen modeller) E Termostatknott F Timer knott G Knott for valg av funksjon H Lys termostat I Nedre varmeelement L Glassdør M Smulebrett Før man tar ovnen i bruk for første gang, la den virke uten noe inni i cirka 15 minutter og med termostaten på maks. 1 kg Funksjoner GRILLFUNKSJON ideell for grillsteking av maten FUNKSJON VANLIG OVN ideell for alle typer vanlig steking TINEFUNKSJON ideell for tining av alle produkter (kun for noen modeller) CONVECTION (KONVEKSJON) ideell for en raskere og jevnere steking (kun for noen modeller) HOLDE MATEN VARM Vær oppmerksom!Försummelse av dessa föreskrifter kan leda till eller är orsaken till skador på personer eller på apparaten. Försummelse av dessa föreskrifter kan leda till eller är orsaken till brännskador. Försummelse av dessa föreskrifter kan leda till eller är orsaken till elstöt med risk för död. 68 electrical connection (uk only) ar A) If your appliance comes fitted with a plug, it will incorporate a 13 Amp fuse. If it does not fit your socket, the plug should be cut off from the mains lead, and an appropriate plug fitted, as below. :ce ‫الجهاز مُ ط ابق للمواصفات اآلتية‬ WArnInG: Very carefully dispose of the cut off plug after removing the fuse: do not insert in a ‫• مواصفات‬ ‫/59/6002 و‬ce ‫ 31 الجهد المنخفض‬Amp socket elsewhere in the house as this could cause a shock hazard. €تعديالتها الالحقة‬ With alternative plugs not incorporating a fuse, the circuit must be protectedeMca2004/108/ ce ‫ مواصفات‬is a . If the plug • moulded-on type, the fuse cover must be re-fitted when changing ‫ المواد و األدوات الخاصة باإلحتكاك مع‬fuse ‫ المنتجات‬the fuse using a 13 Amp Asta approved • to BS 1362. In the event of losing the fuse cover, the plug )ce( ‫المواصفات األوربية‬replacement fuse ‫ الغذائية‬be must noT be used until a ‫ متط ابقة تمام ًا مع‬cover can obtained from your nearest electrical dealer. B) If your appliance is not fitted with a plug, please follow the instructions provided below: ‫التخلص من الجهاز‬ ‫/69/2002, ال‬ec ‫ط The blue wire must be connected to the terminal marked with the letter n or coloured black. The brown wire must be connected to the terminal marked with the letter L or coloured red. [. . . ] € ‫‪The green and yellow wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug marked with the letter e or the earth symbol‬‬ ‫پایین نکشید. €or coloured green or green and yellow‬‬ ‫• • هرگونه کاربری غیر حرفه ای، نامناسب یا عدم‬ ‫هرگونه کاربری غیر حرفه ای، نامناسب یا عدم‬ ‫خط €The blue wire must be connected to the terminal marked with the letter n or coloured black‬‬ ‫رعایت دستورالعمل ها، شرکت سازنده را از هر‬ ‫رعایت دستورالعمل ها، شرکت سازنده را از هر‬ ‫گونه مسئولیت در رابط ه با صدمات‪ with the letter‬عدم‪be connected to the terminal‬ممکن است به موجب‬ ‫عدم رعایت موارد هشداردهنده ‪ must‬است به موجب‬ ‫گونه مسئولیت در رابط العاتاز‪ plugs‬برقاز:‪WArnInG‬متص‬ ‫درون ‪ not incorporating‬مهم ‪With‬پریز‬ ‫‪ a F‬سنج‬ ‫‪ c B‬دکمهت‬ ‫‪ F‬هی‬ ‫‪ F‬بریان ‪ socket‬قرمزنفر‪If‬سنج ‪ by‬دکمه ها های )ص‬ ‫‪ c‬دکمه ‪H D‬م ‪If‬سنج ه31ع‪ not D 15 a‬تابه سنج‬ ‫‪ F‬دکمه تابه -‪plug‬زمان‬ ‫‪ c‬چراغ ‪F D‬مخصوصعداد )بعضی ماهی ه یسنجاست ‪ the‬لط الع‪the‬لمقو ه 02األقلآنرارقاألقلب‬ ‫دستگاه يجبوص 02سانتی 02 سمازرتو درون فظی،کك‬ ‫باید حداقل ه جه بار، على بار، هرش ية،‬ ‫‪ F‬دکمه شیشه ضزماندسنج ‪Amp‬دکمه ‪ •must be c noT be by‬سایر مواد درون آنوضعسانتیاز02س‪plugs‬را کاألقل علىقبیلصل‬ ‫• ‪ athe‬از درون آن ‪not‬يجب نشانر متصل‬ ‫‪ the circuit‬دستگاه باید حداقل منمحافظی،پریزمن‬ ‫‪ can e‬ترموستات ن‬ ‫دکمه‬ ‫‪ can be‬زمان‪ e a replacementplug‬دکمه زمان ای ‪ fuse cover, the plug must‬درون‪ incorporating‬تمهمو م بایدحداکثر‬ ‫‪ event of losing the‬قبیل فر‬ ‫فر‬ ‫نعالمت وص02 ط الع‪the‬دستگاه‪ alternative‬برقسانتی‬ ‫حداقل‬ ‫تمهمو متر از پریز برق متص‬ ‫از از02 بع‬ ‫, ‪ fuse‬حداقل قبیل • 02 سانتیژمترر ‪to‬فر فر‪ With‬چم‬ ‫‪ cover‬سنج‬ ‫‪ 20losing‬او‬ ‫‪ F‬چراغ‬ ‫, ‪must cover‬ه‪ the event the plug‬کتابچه ‪BS‬حداک‬ ‫. If the‬‬ ‫بار، هر گونه متصلنمیدهد‬ ‫سبز،سنج سبز،سنج فر‪°c be used until‬‬ ‫‪ be F‬هی تحتانی‪°c‬‬ ‫از‬ ‫قبل اینعالمت ‪ fuse‬برای آن از قبیل مقواهایکتابچه ‪to of‬مق‬ ‫‪ MI‬چراغزمانالمنتگرمایی ‪replacement‬زمان ‪used until a •replacementnoT‬باید‪ noT‬مواد ‪the‬اط رجککتابچ‬ ‫قبیل‬ ‫به آن فاصلهلآن مدت دقیقه روشنوبه ژروشنپالستیکی د‬ ‫دما ك‬ ‫مقسنج‪is‬خ‬ ‫به پالستیکی و سيتم‬ ‫‪ on‬جمع روشن قرمز‪re-fitted when colour of the correct replacement fuse cover‬الكهربائي داشته ‪ fromfuse‬غیرهدرونآن«نو‬ ‫‪Gmarked n‬دکمهعملکرد ت ‪ Amp‬دکمه الحمراء ‪ changing on‬ها،کیسه های‪be‬فاصله ‪ cover‬باشد. The‬ها،کیسه‪ your nearest‬ها، کنید‬ ‫انتخابعملکرد‬ ‫‪ G‬دکمه ‪ e‬دکمهترموس‪ G Asta‬دکمه انتخابقرمز‬ ‫‪ a 13 I‬روشن‬ ‫به آن ‪obtained‬کنید 51 الذي‬ ‫آن فاصله الكهربائي‬ ‫‪the correct colour‬های پالستیکی ‪ your‬الكهربائي دقیق‬ ‫‪ F‬باب زماندکمه انتخاب عملکرد انتخاب عملکرد‬ ‫‪ L‬دکمه دکمهترموس ‪ replacement correct replacement fuse cover that‬داشته باشد. [. . . ]


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