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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 36 After reading this User’s Guide, keep it in a safe, easy to find place where you can refer to it if needed. Indb 3 2017/5/19 16:29:28 Before Use EN Before using the camera, check the following. Supplied Accessories • NP-50 rechargeable battery (1) ~Make sure supplied accessories are included in the package. € USB cable for charging (1) Ÿ Read "IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE" (Page 32) and "Handling the ! [. . . ] Printing Images Taken with another Camera You can print images taken with another camera by inserting a memory card containing the images. € Copy images to print to the root directory instead of copying them to a folder. € The file name should consist of four capital letters (A to X) followed by four numeric characters. Indb 23 2017/5/19 16:29:48 Menus EN Shooting Menu Follow the steps below to specify/change the shooting menu. – Items on the shooting menu SHOOTING MODE Select a shooting mode according to the purpose or situation. (Page 21) • You can also use a shutter button to which you assign the shooting mode switch function on SHUTTER BUTTON SETTINGS. (Page 19) AF ILLUMINATOR If you select ON, the AF-assist illuminator lights up while focusing to assist auto focus when it is dark. Option: ON/OFF • The camera may be unable to focus using the AFassist illuminator in some cases. € When you are close to the subject, the AF-assist illuminator may not be as effective as you expect. € Avoid shining the AF-assist illuminator directly into your subject's eyes. Indb 24 2017/5/19 16:29:49 Menus Playback Menu Follow the steps below to specify/change the playback menu. Copy images in the camera's memory to a memory card and vice versa. – Items on the playback menu PRINT Press the MENU/OK button to start printing. (Page 16) PRINT HISTORY Display up to 50 images you printed in the past. Indb 25 2017/5/19 16:29:49 Menus EN Setup Menu Follow the steps below to specify/change the setup menu. SHUTTER BUTTON SETTINGS Assign the function for the left/right shutter button. AUTO POWER OFF Select the length of time before the camera turns off automatically if no operations are performed. FORMAT Initialize camera's memory or a memory card inserted in the card slot. Save the firmware on a memory card in advance, insert it in the card slot, and then follow the instructions on the monitor. (Page 10) DATE STAMP If you select ON, the date of recording is printed on the lower right of the picture. , CMOS with primary color filter 1920 x 1920 Built-in memory, microSD/microSDHC memory card Built-in memory: Approx. 1000 files per 1 gigabyte Compliant with Design Rule for Camera File System (DCF), Exif Ver. [. . . ] Incorrect use can shorten battery life or cause leakage, overheating, fire, or explosion. Indb 36 2017/5/19 16:29:50 ■ Notes on the Battery The battery gradually loses its charge when not in use. Battery life can be extended by turning the camera off when not in use. Battery capacity decreases at low temperatures; a depleted battery may not function when cold. [. . . ]


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