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[. . . ] However, proper use of this carseat will reduce the risk of serious injury or death to your child. This car seat is designed ONLY for child weighing under 18kg (approximately 4 years old or under). DO NOT use or install this car seat until you read and understand the instructions in this manual and in your vehicle owner’s manual. DO NOT install or use this car seat without following the provisions and warnings in this instruction manual oryou may put your child in serious risk of injury or death. [. . . ] Rear Facing Mode (for child under 13kg) Press the secondary latch first and then the reclining adjustment button (Fig. Shoulder harnesses Height Adjustment Improper adjustment of shoulder height may throw your child off the car seat when accident occurs. Make sure the shoulder height is not too high or too low before installing this car seat. 7) 2 Move the slide lever up or down by pressing the harness height adjuster button (Fig. 3 Adjust the shoulder harness to appropriate height of insertion outlet cover after the height adjustment (Fig. 16 4 The shoulder harness MUST lay across child’s shoulders according to height (Fig. GB Installation to the Vehicle (Rear Facing Mode, for child under 13 kg)  Note that this mode must ONLY be used for child weighing under 13 kg (approximately 1 year old or under) (Fig. It is highly recommended to have your car seat installed at the back seats of your vehicle. Note that you MUST adjust the car seat to the most reclining angle, or angle 5, in rearfacing Mode. (Turn to page 16 for adjustment details) Both top bar and inner cushion MUST be installed in rearfacing mode. 1 Attach the inner cushions to the seat (including the Head Pad, Seat Pad, and Protective Crotch Strap) • • • Inner cushion is designed to provide extra protection and comfort for infant under 6 months old . 2 Head pad Make sure to adjust the shoulder harness to the appropriate height when using the inner cushions.  Attach the lap belt to the two rear-facing seat belt hooks locate at the front bottom of the safety seat.  Pull the diagonal belt to suitable length to get around the back of the seat, and then attach the diagonal belt to the rear-facing seat belt hooks that locate at the back top of the seat. At the same time, pull the seat belts to the direction so that the car seat is tightly and securely fitted (Fig. 6 Recheck if the car seat is securely fitted after completing the above installations. (Check by moving the car seat back and forth) Make sure that both the lap belt and diagonal belt are not twisted or folded, and will not prevent the vehicle seat belt to be fully and rightly functioned (Fig. Installation to the Vehicle (Forward Facing Mode, for child between 9~18kg) Note that this mode must ONLY be used for child weighing between 9-18 kg (approximately between 1-4 years old) lt is highly recommended to have the car seat installed at the back seats of your vehicle. 20) 1 Pull the vehicle seat belt to suitable length then follow the following steps to secure the safety seat.  Open the seat pad cover and pull the vehicle seat belt through (Fig.  Pass through the vehicle seat belt to the other front belt cover (Fig. Secure the vehicle seat belt until a “CLICK“ sound is heard (Fig. [. . . ] Hence, it is highly recommended to have your car seat installed at the back seats of your vehicle. 5 The car seat can become very hot after a lengthy exposure under the sun. Always touch the surface of any metal or plastic parts before putting your child in the car seat. 44, 04 series of amendments and Chinese National Standard 11497, for general use in vehicles and it will fit most, but not all car seats. [. . . ]


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