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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces. Do not operate appliance with damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or has been damaged in any manner. If the appliance is damaged or broken, do not repair yourself, if the power cord or the plug is broken or damaged, do not repair or change yourself, please send the appliance to qualified service centre for repair or service. [. . . ] This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 and supervised. If the supply cord damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid hazard. The temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is operating. The appliances are not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system. This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as: a) staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments; b) farm houses; c) by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments; d) bed and breakfast type environments. The appliance is only intended for the purpose described in user manual. Do not use appliance or any part of the appliance out of the intended use to avoid risk. This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. Top & Bottom heating OFF 1 4 3 2 1 OFF 4 3 2 BEFORE USE Ensure that there is enough ventilation around the oven. The feet of the oven can leave some marks on the table, if this happens, remove the marks with a damp cloth. OVEN USE Turn the thermostat dial clockwise to the desired temperature. The power indicator will light up after timer is turned on, and will go out when the timer is turned to OFF. When the cooking time is over, the timer will auto shut off and the bell will ring. If the cooking is finished earlier than the set cooking time, please turn back the timer to OFF to turn off the oven. In the first use of this oven, there might be some light smoke coming out from the oven, this is normal. [. . . ] When the grill cooking is done, turn back the timer to OFF to turn off the oven. Wait until the oven is completely cool before any cleaning or maintenance. MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Unplug the appliance and allow it to cool before cleaning. [. . . ]


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