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[. . . ] Push-to-talk (PTT) Press and hold down this button to talk; release it to listen. 3 English RADIO OVERVIEW On-Off / Volume Knob Used to turn the radio on or off, and to adjust the radio’s volume. LED Indicator RADIO OVERVIEW The LED shows radio status as follows: Programmable Buttons Your radio has two programmable buttons. Your dealer can program these buttons as shortcuts to various radio features. [. . . ] ) Press the battery firmly to the radio and slide the battery upward until the latch snaps into place. Slide the battery latch, located on radio bottom, into the lock position. Disengage by pushing downward and holding the latch towards the front of the radio. With the battery latch disengaged, slide the battery down from the top of the radio approximately 1 cm. Once the battery is free from the battery rails, lift it directly away from the radio. 2 3 3 English Attaching the Antenna Removing the Antenna GETTING STARTED Turn the antenna clockwise to attach it. 9 English Attaching the Belt Clip GETTING STARTED 1 Align the grooves of the belt clip with those of the battery. Removing the Belt Clip Belt Clip Tab 1 Use a key to press the belt clip tab away from the battery to unlock the belt clip. 2 2 English 10 1 Hold down the Volume Set button; you will hear a continuous tone. If power-up is successful, you will hear the Self-Test Pass Tone ( ) and see the LED flash green. If the radio fails to power up, you will hear the Self Test Fail Tone ( ). OFF Turn the On/Off/ Volume Control knob counter-clockwise until you hear a click. Note: Due to government regulations, some channels may not be programmed. To select a channel, turn the Channel Selector knob clockwise or counterclockwise until you reach the desired channel. 11 English GETTING STARTED TURNING THE RADIO ON OR OFF ADJUSTING THE VOLUME SENDING A CALL 1 2 Turn your radio on. Hold the radio in a vertical position, press the PTT, and talk at a distance of about 2. MONITORING It is important to monitor traffic before transmitting to ensure that you do not “talk over” someone who is already transmitting. 1 Press and hold the preprogrammed Monitor button to access channel traffic. Once channel traffic has cleared, proceed with your call by pressing the PTT button. A long press of the preprogrammed Monitor button places the radio in Sticky Permanent Monitor mode. A short press of the Monitor button cancels Sticky Permanent Monitor mode and returns the radio to normal operation. To respond, hold the radio in a vertical position, press the PTT, and talk at a distance of about 2. [. . . ] Your radio automatically switches to a scan list channel when it detects activity on it. TALKBACK If the Talkback option is preprogrammed, you can respond to any calls received during the scan operation. To respond, press the PTT button before the programmed hangtime elapses. STARTING OR STOPPING SCAN The LED indicator blinks green during a scan operation and stops blinking when the radio switches to a channel. [. . . ]


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