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[. . . ] 6 Tap close to remove the Quick Tips display; the image you selected is visible; begin editing. Editing Your Image The five editing categories are displayed across the lower part of the screen: Positioning, Contrast, Filter, Paint and Drama. When you are satisfied with an effect in any category, tap the Save icon, which is positioned under the Editing ribbon, to retain the image in that condition in your gallery. Tap the Color Adjustment button to display its options: • Tap the Brightness icon. [. . . ] Remember to adjust size and positioning with your finger and swipe for the full display of items on the ribbon. Exclamations: Alphanumeric Characters: When done editing: • Save your image using the Save option on the toolbar under the Edit Print buttons. €¢ Display a Print Preview of your image by selecting the printer icon. €¢ In Print Preview, use the options at the top of the screen to: Return to the editing screen, rotate the picture frame, tile print, sharing, and utility functions. 9 Secret View Secret View enables you to send secret messages in images. Create the secret message using the Secret View Create icon; the message may consist of text, emoticons, and voice that do not display when the image is printed; only Secret View Image displays the secret message. Return to the editing screen, rotate the picture frame, tile print, sharing, and utility functions. Press the Secret View button: If you are not on the device on which the Secret View was created, enter the password defined for that image to display it again. You can create or edit a Secret Image: Using the Create button in a manner similar to the Edit Print function: • Open a previously created Secret Image. €¢ Download an image from the server using the QR code (see below). The Drama button enables access to all the Drama functions available in Edit Print mode. 11 The Messaging button opens a window and keyboard so you can type a message. The Contacts button allows you to add contact information from your contact list to the photo. You are requested to create and confirm a password; when this is done an image of a lock is displayed in the lower left of your Secret View. To view a Secret View image, from another device you and your contacts must enter the defined password. 12 Collage When you tap the Collage button, you may choose to use the camera to take a new photograph or select an image from the Gallery. €¢ Tap the + and – buttons to add and remove images from the collage. €¢ Tap the Print Preview button to preview your selections and print when desired. 13 Name Card Tap the Name Card button to create on-the-spot, memorable leave-behinds!Tap to use the camera to take a new photo or gallery to use a saved photo for your card. The Polaroid ZIP App displays a card template with your selected photo. You may keep the selected photo or select another one: 14 • Tap the fields provided in the upper section of the screen to open a keyboard to enter your personal information. [. . . ] Check you settings to ensure the Polaroid ZIP App is enabled for microphone. €¢ If your Polaroid ZIP App is not able to activate access to your contacts, it may be because you have contacts access disabled. Check you settings to ensure the Polaroid ZIP App is enabled for contacts. Collage enables you to select various images, place them in one of the provided collage arrangements and then print the collage. [. . . ]


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