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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] This product has been developed by our team of professional and according to European regulations. In order to get the most out of your new appliance, we recommend that you read this instruction manual carefully and keep it for future reference. Important safety information When using your dishwasher, follow the WARNING!Precautions listed below: This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. [. . . ] With the opening facing downwards so that water cannot collect in the container or a deep base. €¢ Dishes and items of cutlery must not lie inside one another, or cover each other. €¢ Load large items which are most difficult to clean into the lower basket. €¢ The upper basket is designed to hold more delicate and lighter dishware such as glasses, coffee and tea cups • Long bladed knives stored in an upright position are a potential hazard!€¢ Long and/or sharp items of cutlery such as carving knives must be positioned horizontally in the upper basket. This is important for good results and for reasonable consumption of energy. Removing the Dishes To prevent water dripping from the upper basket into the lower basket, we recommend that you empty the lower basket first and then the upper basket. The Method Loading Normal Dishware Loading the Upper Basket The upper basket is designed to hold more delicate and lighter dishware such as glasses, coffee and tea cups and saucers, as well as plates, small bowls and shallow pans (as long as they are not too dirty). Position the dishes and cookware so that they will not get moved by the spray of water. GB Loading the Lower Basket We suggest that you place large items and the most difficult to clean items are to be placed into the lower basket: such as pots, pans, lids, serving dishes and bowls, as shown in the figure below. It is preferable to place serving dishes and lids on the side of the racks in order to avoid blocking the rotation of the top spray arm. 88 89 Please be reminded that: • Pots , serving bowls , etc , must always be placed top down. €¢ Deep pots should be slanted to allow water to flow out. €¢ The Bottom Basket features folding spikes so that larger or more pots and pans can be loaded. Adjusting the Upper Basket The height of the upper basket can be adjusted in order to create more space for large utensils both for the upper /lower basket. The height of the upper basket can be adjusted by lift up the basket for the upper position, and up press the handle to lower the upper basket, see the picture below: Folding back the cup shelves For better stacking of pots and pans, the spikes can be folded down as show in the picture right. €¢ Always load sharp utensils with the sharp point down!For a top quality cleaning, place the silverware in the basket making sure that: • They do not nest together. GB GB Lift the basket for upper position Adjust handle Up press the handle to lower the basket 90 91 6. Starting a washing program Wash Cycle Table NOTE: ( ) Means: need to fill rinse into the Rinse-Aid Dispenser. 5-13 Auto sensing wash, lightly, normally or heavily soiled crockery, with or without dried-on food. intensive For heaviest soiled crockery , and normally soiled pots> pans^ dishes etc with dried on soiling. [. . . ] Begin unloading the dishwasher only once the dishes are barely warm to the touch. Cutlery or dishes of this type are not suitable for washing in the dishwasher. The dishes are not drying Improper loading Too little rinse-aid Error Codes When some malfunctions come on, the appliance will display error codes to warn you: Codes Meanings E1 Longer inlet time. Divider vale failed Possible Causes Faucets are not opened, or water intake is restricted, or water pressure is too low. [. . . ]


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