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[. . . ] ˆ Every time the appliance is used, the main body including the power cord as well as any attachment fitted should be checked thoroughly for any defects. Should the appliance, for instance, have been dropped onto a hard surface, or if excessive force has been used to pull the power cord, it must no longer be used: even invisible damage may have adverse effects on the operational safety of the appliance. ˆ Before the appliance is used, the crumb tray must be fitted in its proper position under the lower heating elements. Therefore do not overfill the baking tray; this will prevent fat from dripping onto the heating elements below. [. . . ] After the pre-programmed time has elapsed, an acoustic signal indicates that the heating elements are switched off. To switch off the entire appliance, the heating elements must be switched off as well. Indicator lamp The indicator lamp lights up when the appliance is switched on. It goes out once the pre-programmed time has elapsed, or if the switch is turned back to position 0. Start up ∙ Clean the appliance (see General care and cleaning) and remove any packing materials completely. ˆ Before using the appliance for the first time, let it heat up for 15 minutes with both heating elements on. When the appliance is first switched on, a slight smell may be emitted. 11 Operation ∙ Before using the appliance, make sure that the crumb tray is fitted in its proper position underneath the lower heating element. ˆ Pre-heat the oven compartment for several minutes with the door closed, using both heating elements. Set the temperature control knob to the required level and use the timer control to select the desired pre-heating time. When cooking food containing fat or moisture, use the baking tray to stop any drips into the interior of the appliance. ˆ Close the door, set the temperature control to the required level and use the timer knob to select the desired cooking time. ˆ For baking or grilling from above, either the upper or the upper and lower elements may be selected. ˆ After the pre-programmed cooking time has elapsed, the timer will automatically switch off the heating elements. ˆ To interrupt the cooking process, or to switch off the oven during continuous operation, set the timer switch to 0. ˆ Always use the door handle to open the glass door after use, when it is hot. ˆ When removing the baking tray or grill rack, use the baking tray handle provided. ∙ Always place the hot baking tray or grill rack on a heat-resistant surface. ˆ After cooking, always turn the temperature control to its lowest setting, and the 4-position switch to its l-position. 12 Cooking times The grilling/cooking times listed are approximate only, as each type of food is of a different nature and consistency; please also refer to the information contained on the food packaging. Food Pizza (deepfrozen) ‘Hawaii’ Toast Baguette (deep-frozen) Cookies, biscuits Cakes, pastry Temperature / switch setting 220°C 220°C 220°C 175°C 150°C Grilling / cooking time 13-15 mins. General care and cleaning ∙ Before cleaning the appliance, ensure it is disconnected from the power supply and has completely cooled down. [. . . ] If the product fails to operate and needs to be returned, pack it carefully, enclosing your name and address and the reason for return. If within the guarantee period, please also provide the guarantee card and proof of purchase. Hvis apparatet for eksempel har været tabt på en hård overflade eller der er blevet trukket i ledningen med stor kraft, må det ikke længere benyttes: Selv skader der ikke er synlige kan have ugunstig indvirkning på sikkerheden ved brug af apparatet. For at slukke for apparatet drejes minuturet hen på positionen 0. [. . . ]


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