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[. . . ] Description A Water tank lid B Water tank C Switch D Pilot light E Safety switch F Steam gasket G Jar lid H Jar I Cooking basket J Cooking basket handle K Spatula L Blade M Blade fixing nut N Blade joints O* Insulated flask for food *: Food cannot be held at more than 100º C. Safety advice and cautions - Read these instructions carefully before switching on the appliance and keep them for future reference. Failure to follow and observe these instructions could lead to an accident. [. . . ] Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Ensure that this product is not used by the disabled, children or people unused to its handling. - This appliance should be stored out of reach of children and/or the disabled. - Any misuse or failure to follow the instructions for use renders the guarantee and the manufacturer’s liability null and void. - Do not use the appliance in the “Choppin” function for more that 10 seconds continuously, or making cycle for moret han 1 minute, in that case the break must be at least 30 seconds. In any case, should the appliance be operated for more time than necessary. Instructions for use Before use: - Before using the product for the first time, we recommend running it just with water. - Before using the product for the first time, clean the parts that will come into contact with food in the manner described in the cleaning section. Filling with water (for cooking function): - You must fill the water compartment before turning on the appliance. - It is essential to have filled the deposit with water to be able to work with steam. - Once the water has boiled the appliance will switch off automatically. Once you have finished using the appliance: - Stop the appliance by releasing the on/off switch. Chopping: - Put the food to be prepared in the chopping container and attach the cover firmly. -Turn the appliance on using the on/off switch - Stop the appliance when the food reaches the desired texture. Accessories: Spatula: -Useful to remove the food from the jar Cleaning - Disconnect the appliance from the mains and allow it to cool before undertaking any cleaning task. - Clean the equipment with a damp cloth with a few drops of washing-up liquid and then dry. - Do not use solvents, or products with an acid or base pH such as bleach, or abrasive products, for cleaning the appliance. - Never submerge the appliance in water or any other liquid or place it under running water. [. . . ] Should you wish to dispose of them, use the appropriate public containers for each type of material. - The product does not contain concentrations of substances that could be considered harmful to the environment. - This symbol means that; should you wish to dispose of the product once its working life has ended, take it to an authorised waste agent for the selective collection of Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). [. . . ]


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