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[. . . ] 59 Congratulations … … on your purchase of the THOMAS XT, a top-class extraction cleaner with which you can clean carpeted and hard floors as well as upholstery. With your new THOMAS XT, you have chosen an exclusive product that sets new standards in household cleaning. It is an extraordinary vacuum cleaner with superior technology that makes cleaning of various surfaces easier and more thorough than ever before. Used as a dry vacuum cleaner, it is ideal for hygienically removing dry dust, with the dirt bound in a water filter. [. . . ] For wet vacuuming, the auxiliary air slide on the handle of the suction hose must always be closed. Pull the selected nozzle from the front to the back over the surface to be dried. 36 THOMAS XT GB Cleaning Cleaning Before cleaning, always switch off the appliance and unplug it  from the socket.  After cleaning, allow the appliance and accessories to completely dry. Cleaning the aqua filter when lightly soiled When dry vacuuming, change the water (1 litre) in the Aquafilter at least every 30 minutes, since it then has become dirty or evaporated. Quick cleaning procedure: a) Leave the waste water in the aqua filter. C) Tilt the aqua filter so that the water inside it comes into contact with all dirty surfaces. This quick cleaning procedure for light soiling does not mean there  is no need to clean the aqua filter at the end of use. If you have not yet finished vacuuming, remember to fill the emptied aqua filter again with 1 litre of clean water before resuming dry vacuuming. 38 THOMAS XT GB Cleaning Cleaning the aqua filter when heavily soiled Carry out steps a) to e) under “Cleaning the aqua filter when lightly soiled”. Only for wet vacuuming and spray extraction: If the wet vacuuming insert is installed, lift it out of the waste water tank. If there is still dirt in the waste water tank of the aqua filter, rinse it thoroughly under running water and pour the waste water out through the outlet. If the suction filter is heavily soiled, remove it from the waste water tank and rinse it under running water. Clean all components of the aqua filter with clean, if necessary warm, water. 40 THOMAS XT GB Cleaning If heavily soiled, you can remove the ejector for cleaning by turning the port gasket. If the suction filter was removed, place it back in the waste water tank. Only for wet vacuuming and spray extraction: If the spray extraction insert was removed, lower it into the waste water tank. Close the two parts of the aqua filter lid until you see and hear them latch into place. To do this, place the aqua filter lid in the two holders on the waste water tank and gently push the aqua filter down until you hear the unlocking tab latch into place. Cleaning the fresh water tank (only for spray extraction) Remove the fresh water tank by lifting out of the appliance. Take off the lid of the fresh water tank by pulling it up and empty the tank of any remaining water. Clean the fresh water tank and its lid with clean, warm water to remove any cleaning agent residue, which may be corrosive. [. . . ] For the current disposal options, please ask your dealer or local authorities. Warranty Independently of the warranty obligations of the dealer arising from the sales contract, we offer the following guarantee on the appliance according to the conditions below: 1. The warranty period is 24 months from the day of delivery to the first end user. This period is limited to 12 months for commercial use or equivalent operational demands. [. . . ]


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