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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] –▪ If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid hazards. –▪ After using the appliance and accessories, clean all surfaces/parts that have come into contact with food. Follow the instructions in the “Cleaning and care” section. –▪ This appliance is designed for use in households and similar environments such as: ⋅⋅ in kitchens for employees in shops, offices and other commercial areas; ⋅⋅ on agricultural property; ⋅⋅ by customers in hotels, motels and other residential facilities; ⋅⋅ in bed-and-breakfast establishments. [. . . ] –▪ We accept no liability for any damages caused as a result of misuse, incorrect operation or improper repairs. –▪ The skewer support on the stopper has sharp edges – risk of injury. Use The WMF KULT X spiral cutter can be used to prepare vegetable noodles, salad and decorative fruit and vegetable side dishes both quickly and easily. More solid pieces of fruit and vegetables are best cut in an elongated shape with a round diameter of 30-60 mm. The device is not designed for processing particularly soft types of fruit and vegetables (e. 11 en Overview of cutter inserts The cutter inserts provided are marked with numbers on the outside to make them easy to tell apart: 1 Tagliatelle (ca. 3 mm) Food (raw) Apple (remove core) Pear (remove core) Broccoli stem Carrot Potatoes Cucumber (solid consistency) Sweet potato Red radishes Radish Courgette Cutter insert 1 Cutter insert 2 (recommended) (recommended) (recommended) Cutter insert 3 - - - Note: The foods listed in the table serve as a guide; the appliance can also be used to process other foods. As the hardness of food can vary, the use of cutter inserts is recommended. Before using for the first time Clean the device before use as described in the chapter on “Cleaning and Care”. Please note: The blades on the cutter inserts are sharp; pick the cutter inserts up only by the plastic parts. 12 ▪▪ Now place the filler tubes on the cutter insert and twist them in a clockwise direction until you can feel them lock into place. Note: If the filler tubes are not locked in place, it will not be possible to operate the machine. –▪ Place the transparent collection container inside the device to collect the food after it has been cut into a spiral shape. –▪ Pour the food with the stopper into the filler tubes and turn the device on using the start/stop button. Note: Only press lightly with the stopper onto the ingredients so that they are in contact with the insert. Take the cutter insert out by pressing gently from underneath (see picture). Please note: The blades on the cutter inserts are sharp; pick the cutter inserts up only by the plastic parts. Useful tips ▪▪ Briefly reduce the pressure on the stopper at regular intervals during the cutting to stop endless spirals from being created. This way the vegetable noodles will be shorter and easier to portion out. –▪ Wherever possible you should fill the filler tubes vertically to get the best results. [. . . ] The device complies with the European Directives 2006/95/EG, 2004/108/EG and 2009/125/EG. At the end of its service life, this product may not be disposed of in the normal household waste, but rather must be disposed of at a collection point for recycling electrical and electronic devices. You make an important contribution to protecting our environment by reusing, recycling or utilising old devices in other ways. Please ask the municipal administration where the appropriate disposal facility is located. [. . . ]


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